Tyler + Chanda

Where to begin? Not sure really. I suppose I should start by stating the obvious. The obviousness which is how beautiful these people are. Tall, dark, handsome. And that's just Chanda. Seriously though, Chanda and Tyler are going places: either by modeling or by...let's face it, they'll be modeling. 

Their wedding had a vintage theme which is evident throughout and matches them perfectly. From the use of keys as table markers, to the vintage lanterns hanging on the ceremonial tree. The small touches were personal and well thought out. You can tell this was something they planned out together as opposed to it being a bride-only process. True love right there.

Let's not forget the location. My oh my oh my. Truly spectacular. I would live there forever! It is very close to Shark's Cove on the Northshore. An excerpt from the Sunset Ranch website to help you get an idea:

"Nestled atop Waimea Valley on the North Shore of Oahu, Sunset Ranch is one of the largest private estates on the island.  The approximate 30 acre property, also known as Pu’u O Kolea (Plover Hill), is one of the most private, secluded areas on Oahu, with spectacular views of the northwest side of the island.  Sunset Ranch’s elegant beauty, pristine views and gentle breezes make this special property like no other."

The wedding began just before 5pm with the sun softly setting as the backdrop. The bridal party and families then proceeded to the front lawn where the sunset was almost in full force for formal portraits. As twilight approached the celebrations and festivities began. There were toasts and laughs and tears. Not forgetting yet another Flipino Money Dance. Holla! I hope all the work Tyler & Chanda put in getting that cash off each other really paid off. Literally I mean. The dancing was like none I'd ever seen. These people were fully involved! Probably paid professionals. Check out the pipe player at the end.

I would like to mention how lovely it was working alongside the videograpers from Seeking Films. Being able to collaborate with them and watch them work was inspiring. There are a couple shots I took where they get all the credit:- one where they draped the veil over both the bride & groom while they kissed, and another of the bride & groom in the dark lit only with a backlight. Far too clever! I really enjoyed being part of a larger team.

This, of course, is where I thank my husband, Justin, for being my second shooter and generally just a great help and support all day long. 

Lastly, to a fabulous, kind, caring, generous, hard working Tyler + Chanda, who have sacrificed so much already, but who are going after God hard. Thank you for choosing me, I am truly honoured! I am also so thankful you are finally married. I'm excited to stalk you as you go on your journey from success to success.

Cheers you two. x


Here is a sample of some favourites. When I say a sample I mean around 100. I took that many times several hundreds more. Beautiful people everywhere!